Nurturing Curiosity in the FLES Classroom with AuthRes

Facilitator-in-Training: Mary Jo Adams

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Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 7:00pm – 8:00pm Eastern Time

Are you ready to transform your classroom into a dynamic hub of culture and communication? Say hello to the exciting world of authentic resources! We’ll explore how to make language learning engaging and exciting using authentic materials from cultures around the world. We’ll share examples of resources and activities to foster curiosity, engagement and meaningful language for your students and show you how to inspire curiosity by creating activities around authentic resources. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn and share ideas with fellow FLES educators in this 1-hour webinar. Educators of all levels are encouraged to attend and gain ideas from the early language learning context!


Mary Jo Adams

Mary Jo Adams is a language learner, educator and world traveler. Throughout her career, Mary Jo has employed and honed her skills and passions in both international business and education. As a teacher, Mary Jo inspires students to cultivate multicultural learning and understanding, stokes curiosity and makes language learning relevant. While her primary focus has been in elementary education, she has taught most levels K-12. As Department Chair, Mary Jo led her award-winning department to establish a proficiency-based TK-12 language program for students who want to explore the world of learning different languages and cultures and be able to immediately apply their learning in the real world. She has co-authored research papers on her work in proficiency and assessment, and has presented nationally and internationally sharing her learning and classroom practices.