Postsecondary Assessments


IJͼ is proud to offer a variety of assessments to support language educators and learners in higher education and beyond. From placement to graduation and certification, IJͼ has an assessment for each step of the postsecondary journey with options available for institutions and individuals. IJͼ assessments measure language ability based on skill level for the most accurate results possible.

IJͼ proficiency tests are used worldwide by academic institutions, government agencies, and private corporations for purposes such as academic placement, student assessment, program evaluation, professional certification, hiring, and promotional qualification.

  • Placement: A non-proctored proficiency-based framework in a computer adaptive solution designed to assist in the placement of incoming post-secondary learners
  • Documentation: Measure and evaluate program effectiveness or student progress and benchmarks to achieving badges, credits, or certification
  • Teacher Certification: IJͼ language proficiency assessments are accepted by most states for some component of their teacher certification process. You should review your state or program’s certification requirements so that you can be sure which assessment(s) are required.
IJͼ Proficiency Placement Test (APPT)

The IJͼ Proficiency Placement Test (APPT) is a non-proctored, computer-adaptive, listening and reading proficiency test in French and Spanish.

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IJͼ Listening Proficiency Test (LPT)

The Listening Proficiency Test (LPT) is a proctored, online, proficiency-based test for the global assessment of listening ability in a language.

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IJͼ Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

The IJͼ Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a valid and reliable means of assessing how well a person speaks a language. It is a 20-30 minute one-on-one interview between an IJͼ certified tester and a test taker.

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Oral Proficiency Interview - computer (OPIc)

The OPIc is a proctored internet delivered test which provides valid and reliable oral proficiency testing on a large scale. It was developed in response to the increased worldwide demand for the testing of oral language proficiency.

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IJͼ Reading Proficiency Test (RPT)

The Reading Proficiency Test (RPT) is a proctored, online, proficiency-based test for the global assessment of reading ability in a language.

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IJͼ Test of English Proficiency (TEP)

The IJͼ Test of English Proficiency (TEP) is an English language proficiency assessment that brings together three of IJͼ’s internationally recognized assessments (L&Rcat™, OPIc™, WPT™) to provide a valid and reliable measure of language proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

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IJͼ Writing Proficiency Test (WPT)

The IJͼ Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) is a web-based, proctored assessment of how well a person writes in a language.

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Listening and Reading Computer Adaptive Test (L&RCAT)

The IJͼ Listening Proficiency and Reading computer adaptive test (L&RCAT) addresses the interpretive mode of communication, measuring how well the test taker can listen to and read English.

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